Happy February to Everyone!

Posted February 4th, 2017

We have certainly been blessed with an abundance of snow for skiing and winter activities. That will make this month even more special. Ski Days, Super bowl party, Dining from the heart, Valentine’s Day, Worship and fellowship times will bring a great variety to our lives in the next few weeks.  Please look over this newsletter for all the ways you can get involved in the life of Covenant.

Speaking about getting involved, we have received 2 responses to our white envelope ministry we started at the Christmas Eve service. Victoria C. and Brandon M. (both under 8 years old) have helped their schools and classmates and communities by helping those were in need.  This is a beautiful example of sharing the gift of Love and Christ with others.  Keep those “good deeds” coming for future newsletters!

Dinning from the Heart may be one of those good deeds this month.   Some of you might be asking, “What is Dinning from the Heart?”  Dinning from the Heart is a family style event where by we raise money for our special needs fund to give assistance to people in need in the Vail Valley.  You can host a Dinning event in your home or at a restaurant. Invite 3 to 6 couples or individual to have a dinner party and tell them ahead of time that you will be collecting an offering to help people in need.  It is really that simple. Also, tell them that all monies raised goes directly to the special needs fund and there is no administrative overhead to  be paid for so 100% of each gift goes to meet needs in the community. In addition to hosting individual parties we will also have a church event on Saturday February 25th meeting at Zino’s Restaurant in Edwards at 5:15pm. Everyone is welcome to come and share in this evening of fellowship and ministry.

I will be sure and give you an update in our March newsletter about our Dinning from the Heart fundraising.
It is a blessing to worship and serve the Lord with you!


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